Climate Action Team           


Team: Elaine Stover, Lisel Burns, Lynda Baker, Melanie Chase, Cheryl Kartes, Linda Ellinor, Stephanie Hochman, Sherwood Shankland, Courtney Lonergan, Sunny Walker                                              

Team leads: Rachel Hefte, Marti Roach, Ted Wysocki


Each of us can contribute to shifting our culture to save the planet, starting with what we do best, facilitating focused conversations!

Vision Elements Addressed: 

  • Effective External Marketing
  • A vibrant forum for professional development and learning of our members
  • Coordinated national branding and marketing efforts in place
  • Increase awareness and interest in the ToP Methods

Focus of Activity for 2016

  1. Encourage Trainers to incorporate Climate Change demos in TFM & SP courses
  2. Encourage Facilitators to engage their clients in Focused Conversations about Climate Change
  3. Develop Action Plan for Town Meetings in October that would feature Climate Change actions


New Messages that Apply to Us:

  • ToP and ICA are part of the movement for a livable world. We enliven our historic legacy of social advocacy and our work thrives because of it.
  • Participation can help solve climate change and we will be working on the ICA’s mission together.
  • Working together with ICA-USA we build our connections and promote healing between the ToP Facilitators Network and the ICA.
  • Together, in the Network, we can work on this issue and it can be rewarding, fun and meaningful.

Success Indicators for 2016

  • Trainers test out using sustainability/climate change subjects in training. Action Team evaluation for evidence of impact to support training and introduce/educate on a social concern.
  • Successful town meetings held that link to climate change and sustainability.
  • Dialogue among committee members stimulates ideas to further introduce this topic in our work & our lives.
  • Prompts that help others in the ToP Network get further educated on climate change and be exposed to ToP tools for facilitating conversations on this topic.

Behaviors to Develop:



Climate Action Team 2016 Calendar

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
  • Test out climate change related topics in selected ToP trainings.
  • Build Team with 2nd call on March 28.
  • Test out climate change related topics in selected ToP trainings.
  • Build Team with Adobe Connect meeting in late April / early May.
  • Explore other tools we can promote/develop to foster ToP practitioners in facilitating climate change conversations.
  • Invite others to help with Town Meetings.
  • Town Meetings use Focus Conversation method to Change Conversation on Climate Change