ToP Network 2013 Gathering Agenda At-A-Glance

The Program Team has been hard at work to design a enjoyable and memorable gathering.  Below is our Agenda At-A-Glance, the legend that describes the segment color code and a link to download a printable version of the Agenda.

Annual Gathering Program

D - Discovering the ToP Network:  it is about Who we are and what are we have done–taking a look at the past.  Networking/Connecting with folks.

U - Understanding the heart of our work:  It is about sharing stories and evidence of successes as facilitators and trainers.  Sharing some of our current challenges also?

R – Rallying Around the ToP Methods: It is about having some fun, getting an idea of what is out there, analyzing training issues, sharing facilitation excitement and certification, innovations and creativity around using the ToP Methods and skill building around “Facilitation Design”.

H - Heralding ToP Successes in 2012:  In what ways have we been successful using ToP Methods and integrating them into our work? (It is about broadening our real life understandings, new approaches, hands on examples of successes)

A - Advancing our work: Wide open to anything - It is about creativity, openness and innovations here.

M- Moving Forward with new friends and colleagues  It is about ToP organizational things – Where are we going and How have we been effective?  How can we be more effective? What do we need to do to step it up as a ToP Network?  ToP Network Strategic Planning begins and probably morphs into work groups.

To download a printable version of the Program At-A-Glance, click here.

To download a draft program, including times, presenters and content summaries, click here.